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Introductory Special Home Purchase "Legal Services" 

              Available to Mr. Carniol's  "New York Real Estate Lawyer" 
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Free  Real Estate Transaction Legal Consultation
     Subject: What's Involved in
 Your Anticipated House Contract,
 Closing, &
Avoiding Homebuyer Mistakes:
This consultation is a sitdown consultation, a legal and practical advice consultation with Norman M. Carniol, Esq. (Not an associate). You may take advantage of his decades of experience and thoughts about your purchase or sale transaction, including the legal protection available in a purchase contract and the financing alternatives that are usually available (For home buyers). A discussion of your personal financial situation; both the legal and practical structure of buying or selling a home is usually included. 


    House Contract to Purchase or Sell a Home:

Legal Representation, Direct (One on one) Legal Services Consultation,  provided by Norman M. Carniol, Esq., including Detailed Discussions about Contract Review or Preparation or Amendment (As needed by client), Negotiations, etc.

Practical Advice & Legal Representation;

Real Estate Financing Consultations Available.

Residential and Commercial
   Real Estate Transactions

Business Purchase and Sale


                                      Attorney Legal Services Summary:

Norman M. Carniol, Esq is an experienced, New York Real Estate Attorney, with offices conveniently located in Queens County, New York City. Conference/consultations can also be scheduled in Nassau County.

His law practice is focused upon providing quality real estate transaction legal services and business transaction services. Mr. Carniol will provide his personal services, at a very competitive legal fee. His clients are usually involved in real estate matters; clients either purchasing, selling, borrowing, or lending mortgage money for real estate transactions or business transactions.

Real Estate Attorney Experience:

Norman M. Carniol, Esq.'s legal experience has included approximately

  real estate closings
. His services have included: reviewing title

abstract reports and clearing real estate title exceptions, so that his clients

have marketable title (ownership) and insurable title to the

property, or a clean mortgage transaction.
Mr. Carniol has closed (settled) both residential and commercial real estate transactions, and mortgage loans in 45 states across the United States.

Mr. Carniol, is a well known NY Real Estate Attorney. He places a great deal of emphasis on "personal representation" of his clients.

Mr. Carniol wants to provide his clients with confidence and  knowledge, that as an experienced  NY Real Estate Lawyer, he will represent their interests from the beginning of the real estate transaction through the completion of the closing.

In all real estate purchase transactions Mr. Carniol seeks to achieve for his clients the following:
"It is very important to both "own your home" (or commercial property) with clear, marketable and insurable title. Simultaneously the buyr must receive the benefit of  the quiet enjoyment of his real estate, for as long as ne owns it."

"As an experienced New York Real Estate Lawyer, I know that it is essential in a real estate transaction to avoid potentially serious future
real estate legal issues, such as impaired marketability of title or impaired ownership  because or title insurability issues.. These issues can arise even after “ownership" of the real estate for a substantial number of years.
When representing my clients, I place emphasis on protecting my clients' long term real estate investment from a legal viewpoint.

A home is a family's long term investment, just like commercial real estate is an investor's long term investment.  After closing, if a problem arises even years later, that was unknown to the owner when he closed, and negatively impacts the marketability of title (Clear unencumbered ownership of the property), or title insurability (The ability to secure title insurance by a future purchaser of the property), either issue may substantially decrease the value of the "family home" (Or the investor's long term real estate investment") or even impair the ability to sell the property at all."

                                   Norman M. Carniol, Esq.
      New York Real Estate Attorney

                                             Relevant Brief  Vitae

                         Attorney at Law Admissions to Practice Law:

1. Admitted to Practice Law in New York, by the Appellate Division, State of New York.
2. Admitted to Practice Law in the United States District Court, for the Eastern District of NewYork.

3. Admitted to Practice Law in the United States Supreme Court, Washington, DC.

Additional Relevant Vitae Knowledge and  Experience

a.      New York Real Estate Attorney: Substantial experience and broad knowledge, providing  legal  representation for real estate transactions and
mortgage financing, both residential and commercial property.

Very Experienced Representing:

Buyers - Sellers - Mortgage Loan Borrowers -  Commercial Bank Lenders -Mortgage Banks, etc. – Proprty types include: Homes, Condominiums, Coops, Commercial and Multifamily  Real Estate.

 b.      Substantial knowledge of real estate law, home mortgage  lending regulations, mortgage loan approvals  and underwriting requirements. Broad background in understanding commercial and multifamily loan requirements, including underwriting and approval requirements, and regulations. 

Knowledge of U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)’s Federal Housing Administration (FHA) underwriting approval guidelines and regulations; Also, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s approval guidelines and regulations. He has personally reviewed several thousand loan files.

Knowledgeable and experienced in niche mortgage loan products including:

1.  Senior Citizen Reverse Mortgages, including FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgages.
2. 96.5% Maximum Purchase Financing, using FHA insured loans for home buyers.
3. Fannie Mae conventional home underwriting requirements.
4. FHA insured Multifamily Mortgage Loans for properties  with hundreds of apartments.
5. Conversion of multifamily properties to condominiums or cooperative apartment projects, including preparation of offering plans, obtaining financing, etc.
6. New Construction and Rehabilitation of Multifamily Properties.

c. Commercial mortgage law and loan underwriting expertise, including  
lender commitments and underwriting, closing documents and customary requirements that must be met to obtain disbursal of funds from lenders. Experienced commercial lender's attorney with substantial multistate closing experience. 

d. Working relationships with lenders, enable frank negotiations to obtain loans.


Law Offices of  Norman M. Carniol, Esq.

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Located .75 mile south Long Island Expressway, at Utopia Parkway Exit. South .75 mile to Union Turnpike; then left 1 block (East)


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